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Blood of the Mummy

The Mummy’s Curse has plagued Louise since the horrific deaths of her parents after they discovered of the tomb of Princess Ananka over two decades ago. Now, a mysterious stranger has entered her life who may be the key to finally ending it. But first she must reach into the dark, distant depths to face who she really is and learn the origin of the curse...   runtime 98min

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A true labor of love, Christine and the women of Sick Chick Flicks Productions have worked for 2 years on their latest feature film Blood of the Mummy. Using all the resources that North Carolina has to offer they were able to take people on a journey back in time to ancient Egypt where an ancient curse has modern day repercussions. From the palace of the Emperor Seti, to a modern day dig in Egypt, and ultimately to an insane asylum where a young woman struggles to make sense of it all, this story will have you in its grip from beginning to gory end.

The Mummy’s Curse has plagued Louise since the horrific deaths of her parents during their discovery of the tomb of Princess Ananka over two decades ago. Now, a mysterious stranger has entered her life who may be the key to finally ending it. But, first she must reach into the dark, distant depths to face who she really is and learn the origin of the curse...

runtime 98 min.



Christine Parker began her film career in Sanford, North Carolina in 2004. She wrote and produced a short film “Second Death” that led to her forming Adrenalin Productions which has since produced more than a dozen films that include 5 feature films, two which were under distribution with Brain Damage films.

She drew inspiration for this film from her love of the old classic mummy films whose characters inspired the names used in this film. However, that is where the comparison ends as she endeavored to bring a new story to the classic trope by telling the story from the female protagonist's perspective and give greater insight of her bond with the mummy and why it is so hard for her to break it. The main character Louise's name is borrowed from a true story about Doris Louise Eady who as a young girl fell down a flight of stairs and awakened to recall her past life during the rule of the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti.


Original soundtrack by Miriam Mayer

Additional Composition and Sound Design by Lauren Healey

Songs provided by Viva La Venus


Special FX Makeup Artists Bill Mulligan and Ceirra Doll

Additional Makeup and FX by Daphne Reeder

the cast




Laura Bridges is a North Carolina native who fell in love with the stage during high school. One of her favorite roles that she had the opportunity to play was Lilli Vanessi in Kiss Me Kate. Following high school graduation she attended Campbell University and ultimately graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. After years of nurturing the logical and scientific side of her mind, in 2016, she felt it was time to revitalize the creative and artsy side by returning to acting. When she's not filming or practicing pharmacy, you can find her spending time with her loving husband and their two cats, Lena and Desi. Being a self proclaimed ambivert, Laura finds joy in having her closest friends and family nearby. She is also a yoga, running, and hiking enthusiast with a good bit of singing, cooking, and reading thrown in. (Mark 9:23)



Teen Louise

Gill Hope Thornton, first hit the small screen with Sick Chicks "Sweded" version of The Mummy. She has quickly made a name for herself in Burlington Theatre circles as well and has already developed a following. Blood of the Mummy is her feature film debut.



Child Louise

Lily first became know to the Sick Chicks when she auditioned for and was cast for their short film Tell-Tale Heart - Sisters. Also known for Once Upon a Summer (2017) her role as Louise in Blood of the Mummy is her feature film debut.

supporting cast

JUSTIN COLE-Headshot_edited.jpg



Justin Z. Cole is an actor based in North Carolina currently signed with Marilyns Agency in Greensboro NC.  He is probably best know for his roles as Robert Salazar in Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter on Investigation Discovery, Joseph on Season 2 of TNT's Good Behavior, and various roles on the local Charlotte show Sid Roth's It's Supernatural.  Justin is active in live theatre, comedy, and martial arts all of which has given him a unique skill set for various roles in the television and film industry.  He credits this role as Asim in Blood of the Mummy as his debut lead role in a feature film.  Justin is the son of Everett and Tomoko Cole and brother to Jonathan Cole.  He credits his successes in the tv/film industry to his training with serveral coaches including Joan Pearce (Encore Music & Arts) and Alicia Fusting (C & J Casting) as well as his incredible team at Marilyn's Agency.




Albert Guzman is a stage and film actor who resides in the Triad area.  His stage credits include Fiddler on the Roof, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 42nd Street and The Hermit of Ft. Fisher.  Film credits include A Few Brains More, Witching Hour II, Four Blood Moons, Careful What You Wish For, Blood of the Mummy and Iron Man 3.  He also enjoys set design for the local community theaters. 

image1 (1).jpeg



Tremayne Blair, born in Virginia, is a actor, award winning song writer (2015 FCEA Awards) producer, and musician. He is best known for his character Bosco in TVOnes “Justice By Any Means” and Frank Baker in season 3 of Fox’s “Legends & Lies: Civil War”.  He has landed several lead and supporting roles in film, television, and commercials.




Standing at 7 feet tall Terrance was the natural choice for playing the Mummy in this film. This is Terrance's feature film debut.


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“This could have been Ms. Parker’s best film to date. On the slim budget she was able to bring together a great cast, a great story, and add some unexpected gore to the ‘mummy’ genre that doesn’t do much gore."

“I really loved the costume and set design. It’s not often you get to journey to ancient Egypt, and the team did a beautiful job at recreating this. The special effects were also delightfully bloody and gory. "


"This is a carefully crafted story, with exceptional pacing throughout its 90-minute runtime that keeps things interesting while simultaneously building towards a satisfying climax that will leave audiences sated while still wanting more. Excellent screenwriting and storytelling, especially for an independent film."


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